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Meet The Team! was founded by me, Ian Best, and a group of my fellow UK poker buddies to explore the exciting world of line poker. Although we’ve been playing regularly together for years in real life in our small West Midlands town, as we’ve got older and gained more responsibilities it’s become harder and harder to set up our card nights, and so when online poker began to appear we were all over it.

Online sites, like ours offer the best info in terms of everything poker related. Our old poker evenings were invariably based around 5-Card Draw, but as we began to explore more and more deeply it became clear that there’s much more to poker than that venerable game, with literally thousands of types of poker games available to try out, each requiring different strategies, approaches and skills, with plenty of trial and error required along the way.

SuperCasino From the all-conquering Texas Hold’Em and all its many variants, to traditional draw and stud, or games like multi-hand three card poker which are only really possible online, it’s been a journey of discovery that has more than made up for our get-togethers becoming less frequent than we’d like – although we do still manage to fit the odd real-life game in from time to time, as old habits die hard!

We’ve set this site up to document our journeys into all these new and unfamiliar games, with our favourite and least favourite things, and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed putting it all together.