Online Poker vs Traditional Live Poker

Poker Variants

The surge in popularity of online poker over the last decade or so has certainly widened the options available for the average player, making games available at any time of day and night, without the hassle of finding playing partners or making the trip to a casino. Despite this convenience, there are still some ways in which traditional poker is better than online, and vice versa.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that live poker has over online is that you’re physically sitting around a table with the other players, and as any good player knows, you can learn an awful lot by carefully studying someone’s body language. This can greatly enhance your chances in the game, and is something that’s largely missing from online poker.


The other advantage of traditional poker is that you feel a lot closer to the money you’re playing with: you’ve usually parted with real money to buy your stake, while online you’ve just typed in your credit card number. This can focus your attention quite well when it comes to deciding if a risky play is worthwhile…

The three main areas where online poker has the edge are:

Golden Riviera Casino GDayCasino – Convenience – it’s always easy to find a game, day or night, whenever you want to play, without having to seek out playing partners or visit a casino.
– Variety – the number of different games available online is staggering, so you can find your favourite and most successful variant instead of putting up with whatever the casino offers.
– Small Stakes – online games are more flexible with the amount you bet. It’s simply unaffordable for a real casino to pay a dealer to work on a table where bets are only a few pennies. Online, every game is profitable for the casino, and so low stake games are more easily available if that’s what you prefer.

Both online and offline poker have their strengths, and a good player will use them to their best advantage whenever possible, and by playing both online and offline the dedicated poker fan can enjoy the best of both worlds.