Famous Video Poker Games

The Video Poker Games You Should be Playing

Although nearly all video poker is based on the 5-card draw template, several different variants have emerged offering different tweaks and angles on the basic game, all featuring slightly different payout amounts for different hands, and so different strategies for playing for profit. Video poker games offer a different type of thrill and excitement filled with all the action you’ve come to love with the game of poker.


Jacks or Better

jacks-or-betterThis is by far the most video poker games, and is what you should expect if nothing else is indicated. The only real difference to standard 5-card draw is that winning hands begin at a pair of jacks – any single pair below that does not count. Even though this gives a greater house edge, the chances of getting at least a 1:1 payout is still around 20%. Different variations of this game tweak the pay out levels for winning hands, and can go by names such as Bally’s All American although they are basically the same game.

Joker’s Wild, Deuces Wild

deuces-wild-table-and-cardIn these video poker games there is the addition of a wild card to the mix which can stand for any other card. In the first instance, this is by the addition of joker cards. In the second, all two cards are treated as jokers.

Bonus Poker, Double Bonus

double_bonus_pokerThese two games boost the payouts for four of a kind and four aces respectively, but in most other respects are the same as Jacks or Better. To take things even further, the Double Double Bonus game adds extra bonuses for several other four-of-a-kinds.

One thing to bear in mind is that whatever the video poker game version, it’s usually the case that players who deposit more credits at once will receive higher payout returns than those who credit a single game at a time.